safety equipment brisbaneLooking for safety equipment in Brisbane?

The first thing which an individual must do before heading to the range is to get appropriate eye and hearing protection gear. By appropriate it means that the gear which you buy must offer you the best protection for your eyes and ears.

This would mean investing in eye gear which not only cover your eyes from the front but can be wrapped around to offer maximum protection. Ricochets can occur anytime and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Eye protecting Safety gear

Everyone who works in a factory in Brisbane has used eye protection gear; however, there is an actual difference between regular eye protection gear and eye gear designed for shooters. Regular eye protecting gear is designed to keep the dirt and debris out of your eyes, whereas ballistic shooting glasses are designed according to military guidelines.

These are sent through a rigorous testing before being sold in the market. They are checked for ballistic resistance as well as be able to withstand high velocity impacts.


Tough protection is the number one reason for investing in a pair of ballistic eyes glasses, it’s important for some people that those glasses look aesthetically appealing. If you shoot in the bright light, it’s also necessary to choose eyes glasses with dark lenses. Yellow glasses are the most popular with professional shooters, mainly because they offer a better view of the target, making it pop. On the other hand one drawback to these is they tend to brighten up everything, so they might tend to be a bit too sharp for few people. In such a case using amber colored lenses is a better option. Some glasses even come with interchangeable lenses; this allows the user to adjust the lenses according to their whim.

Hearing protection gear

Those looking for hearing protection gear have the option of choosing between ear muffs or plugs. Though each come with their own set of benefits these should come with specific noise reduction ratings.

Ears muffs can help block the sound completely; they offer complete protection to the ears. Also ear muffs come in handy during cold weather or if you shoot in the outdoor range. However using massive ear muffs when you are shooting outdoors at high temperatures can be pretty much uncomfortable. The bulky ear muffs can make you perspire and are not very portable either. Plus when they are combined with protective eye gear, it can be quite awkward.

Electronic Ear muffs

These days most people prefer using electronic ear muffs, this is because these allow for easy conversations and can only amp up the protection in case of very loud shooting noises.

Ear plugs

Ears plugs are perhaps a more comfortable option. They offer maximum protection while being extremely easy to wear. Plus the fact that they are less expensive then ear muffs is an added advantage. However the foam of ear plugs may lose its form after a few uses, but since they are inexpensive you can invest in a new pair without having to think too much about it.

Finding the right safety equipment in Brisbane is easier than ever. Ensure you only purchase the right safety equipment from an authorised dealer.  Make sure you contact this website.