A mosaic balloon number frame is one of the most popular decorations for events such as birthdays, ceremonies, get-togethers, and others. Fortunately, these impressive structures can be easily made from simple materials. Once you are finished with the first number, the rest become easy to do since you already know what you have to do. Without much ado, the following are six major steps that you need to make a mosaic balloon number sculpture.

  • Design and print the number template

The first step you need to engage in is to design the format of the number you wish to create in word. Once you are content with your design, you should save it as a PDF and use other software like Adobe to further manipulate your template. In Adobe, you will have the chance to decide on the size of the template that you need for your sculpture. Once you print out the number, you should carefully cut it from the paper to get its template.

  • Pin your foam boards together

The next step is to tape your foam together. The standard number of recommended foam boards to use is six. You should tape both sides of the boards together with the packing tape.

  • Trim the balloon sculpture

Once you have taped the foams together, you should take the number template that you previously made and place it on top of your foam boards. You either trace the template or simply tape it on the foam boards. You can then use a box-cutter to cut out the number. After cutting the number, you should then make six-sided pieces. Make sure that you get three sides from each foam board.

  • Gather the number sculpture

You should attach all the sides to their right places using a glue gun. The glue should be applied at the edge of the number to attach the sides. You should ensure that the number is surrounded by the side slides.

  • Place balloons inside

Once you are through with the number frame, you should start filling up balloons with air. It is nice to have balloons of different sizes to create a great mosaic appearance.

  • Make a mosaic appearance

Once you are done filling up the balloons, you should attach them in place using glue dots. Make sure you fill the entire sculpture with balloons to get the mosaic look of your choice.

Lastly, take a look at your work and see if it interests you. You can also apply the same procedure when you want to create a different number.

How to decorate a ceremony in the most affordable way?

There are so many ways that you can decorate a particular ceremony. While some will go for the costly kinds of stuff, one way of decorating a given event with a low-budget plan is the use of mosaic balloon number sculptures because you can easily make them by yourself. Moreover, the materials used to make these sculptures are readily and cheaply affordable. Thus, you should always consider opting for a mosaic balloon sculpture and get the mosaic look that you crave.

If you want to look at buying a balloon mosaic number frame, then this article is of great benefit to your course since it has all the steps highlighted and it is your task to follow them.